Hey Ed, September 28th mean anything to you?


Hey Ed, I want to make a Cube and really have no clue how to go about it. Any tips for a first time cube builder?

google “cube drafting”

Marry. Bang. Kill; Phil Fish, John Blow, and Tyrone

id have sex with tyrone, marry jon and kill phil (though he’d probably beat me to it)

You have said that tomorrow's update is not going to be the trailer, but how far are you guys on the trailer?

its done just waiting on approval to release it :)

do you already have most of the levels/worlds/warpzones of SMBF designed on paper?

no i dont like to jump ahead of myself i design by the chapter im currently on. also ilike to improvise as much as possible

Have you ever considered going back to making smaller games on Newgrounds or desired to go back to that? Or have you decided to stay away from it now?

i just did that like a month ago http://imfacist.com/

Confirm, Deny, Comment.. Release trailer tomorrow?


Would you be willing to spoil one new indie game character from SMBF? Or at least a small clue?

my small clue is… one of them is probably one you would totaly expect being in smbf :)

What's going to make levels within a world different from each other if they're randomly generated? Does each one pick from a different pool of level elements as it randomly generates it?

each “level” pulls from tons and tons of “chunks” that are randomly placed depending on difficulty, bandage and the current status of said “level”.

the demo we have now level 1-1 pulls from around 80 chunks that were design for that level only. same goes for 1-2 and the dark world alts.

there are a ton of unlockable “levels” like endless chapter mode where you play all of the chunks that exist in a chapter and go for highscore or daily runs, but the main game will progress just like smb did before, you beat core levels, unlock and find warp zones, collect bandages and fight bosses to progress to the next chapter.

there are complete dark world alts to all existing levels including bosses this time too.  

Since you announced the new SMB, I'd like to ask do you go by a schedule when deving multiple games at once? Like you spend some time working on BoI:R, some time working on Mew (though I know its currently on hold but as an example), and some on SMB:F

with a game like rebirth, i have a schedule, with smb and mew we just work as fast as we want to get things done.