Recently I played Spelunky and noticed that there are situations I'd definitely call "unfair". For example, when exploding frogs get tiki-trapped right into a shop, or the Black Market entrance is behind a shop so you can't avoid bombing it. First I was kinda angry, then I thought how it's kinda what makes Spelunky work, that it's cruel and doesn't care. Do you think unfairness can be a design-choice and that it's maybe not in all cases bad but actually adds something to the experience?

yeah i think it adds a sense of reality to a game… ive been fucked over by shop keeper AI randomness and other odd things in spelunky that felt unfair.. but i just said meh and started a new game.

im not a fan of this in isaac though… thats why i dont let you get killed by taking a pill that would lower your life if you only have 1 health.. 

How much would you say is left for surprise for release on rebirth?

it worrys me when people ask this because it makes me think people dont realize how much there is in rebirth.

ive shown about 1% of the games content on the blog… 

Could you explain briefly how the seeds mechanic works ? If 2 players enter the same seed number, does it mean they'll get the exact same map layouts, enemies, bosses, items, drops... ? How is it possible considering some things depend on your choices ? Thanks.

yes everything is identical till the players split.. kinda of like 2 realities, they run paralleled till one person makes a choice the other doesnt. but only a few things will change when this happens, rooms shoudl all stay the same.

if one player doesnt have unlocks another player has this will also change some aspects of how the seeds are generated.

but for all intensive purposes seeds are idenical 

Of the major console companies (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft), which is the easiest to work with when trying to get a game on their consoles? Which is the hardest?

my only real experience has been with MS, they were great to work with till the very end then they fucked us over pretty bad.

so far my expeiance with both sony and nintendo in the past has been just fine, but i reserve my opinions till i have experianced all aspects of working with either.  

Will the angel room have its own sounds for entering it, taking an item in it and the ambiance that plays when staying in there? I ask because it's mostly just devil room sounds again in the flash version.

yes it does now

Hi Edmund, i remember you saying that Isaac art was a big rush, and you weren't satisfied of it. Bug taking a look at Mew-Genics, the global design is quite similar. So aren't you happy with Mew neither, or do you consider that this style is more appropriate for cats ?

mews art is intentionally lazy looking (but not actually lazy in terms of drawing) so its more of a style.. isaac was me drawing as fast as possible without caring how it looked. 

it takes a lot to draw like a child in a way that looks good :)

Will you still be using flash for future releases, or are you planning on making a full switch to something else?

ill probably always do my art in flash… but i doubt ill use it for anything but prototypes 

Firstly, the thanks (there are many). I wanted to thank you for creating an amazing world that I just loved. I would even get trouble during school for drawing Meat Boy running around my worksheets, fighting Dr. Fetus, and sometimes even fighting the Mario Bros (Kind of a wordplay sort of thing... you know, SMB vs SMB.) Anyway, enough of my praisings, I'm sure you've heard enough from other fans. My main question was, ever think of porting Super Meat Boy to Vita?

no.. but a new meat boy on vita isnt out of the question

Since the Luck stat was so messed up and hard to understand in the original Isaac, is Cain going to play very differently now that it's all fixed?

yes, since the luck stat has improved greatly we actually had to take down his pill identification aspect.. 

Youve lived in santa Cruz all your life right? Do you love the place or are u just to lazy to move out?

i tried to move away once.. it was horrible. i also live in hayward when i was young… that also sucked i got the hell bullied out of me where ever i went.

santa cruz is actually a pretty amazing place, ill never leave.