How do you usually divide your time up around making 4 games at once? Do you have certain games you work on for certain days?

it depends on the crunch, we have a few set goals in the coming months so ill probably be working more on one game than the other.. but basically mondays are my isaac days, the rest go towards the 3 team meat games. mew was the #1 in the past month due to pax but i have a feeling we will push back into another now in hopes we can start talking about it by the end of the year… 

You know how you draw up everything for rebirth and send it off to be pixelated and stylized? I was wondering if you would make your own art book with both your drawings and the newly styled versions side by side along with your other workings. I would love to see the new content before you send it off because you draw it so well. Would you ever do a full art book with your pre rendered rebirth sprites and other works? (I'm a sucker for sprite sheets). Keep up the awesome work dude <3

i would really love to do an art book for isaac one day with all the characters designs/info/items/etc in it… we will see when i get some extra downtime :)

How much longer do you estimate the greed figures to be available?

we just restocked them so im guessing a few weeks

I've played a lot of Isaac, but I just now noticed that there are faint beams of light that come from the ceiling. Are these going to be updated in Rebirth? And are there any other visual effects that we can expect on a future Monday Isaac teaser?

we are working on that right now! i hope to be able to show a few shots of a near final graphics build at the end of the month.. by then 90% of the new graphics effects and small details/decorations should be in the game

In rebirth, are there going to be more items that are basically really bad, but synergize very well with a few items?

there will be a lot of new items that will be considered bad till people fine out how to use them, or what to use them on/with :)

Did they also let you write the flavour text on the card?(if there's any). It's usually one of my favourite things on a card. And another quick question: once you're able to reveal the card etc, would you like to show us how'd you have drawn its art if it was up to you?That'd be pretty neat!

sadly i believe (at least from what ive seen from georges card) all the designed by cards will feature “designed by X” in their flavor text area :|

Hi, Edmund! Tell me, please, who is the composer of track Diptera Sonata, which you recently posted? And tell this composer that this track is awesome!

matthias bossi, hes doing the whole soundtrack for rebirth, mewgenics and a few other things im working on as well.. he is amazing… 

In Rebirth , how will itens like mom's knife and laser work together?

knife laser obviously

Though all I have to work with is inference from your own released details, your cats from Mewgenics seem reminiscent of the Norns from the Creatures series of games. In that game, the Norns had 771 "genes" that governed their brains, biochemistry, and appearance. How complicated are your cats?

im not sure we are doing things the same way creatures did.. i tried to play a few of the old creatures games and was pretty damn confused on what was actually going on…

if im guessing correctly though, id say that the genes that control how a cat looks are astoundingly higher than 771, there are close to that many “genes” that effect a cats eyeballs. 

the visuals of the cats and how they breed/evolve/mutate and identify with other things is quite huge, and when you add the number of animations the cats can use depending on their stats/demeanor things get really high up there… the goal is to allow players to “evolve” or geneticly create/breed cats that look so unique and act so unique people will literaly shit themselves! 

What state does your guys' shop stuff ship from?

Santa Cruz Ca… aka our house