due to a family emergency i havent had access to my pc, so this update will be short and simple.

if you preorder Rebirth on steam, not only will you get 33% off the asking price (if you owned the original) but you will also get yourself a nice pair of Brimstone Horns!


This was one of a…

Limited Edition silk sceened album print



A very limited edition screen print is now up for sale, each print is numbered and signed by the band and also comes with a code for a free download to the digital album. 

the print is a very large 20 x 20 inches, great for framing :)


again these prints are very limited so get them while you can. 

Are you legally allowed to say what Steam's percentage is? Like what's a rough overview of everyone's percentages on one of your games?

try using the internet before you ask me to break nda ;)

Catch me up here? What the fuck is Super Meat Boy Forever?

ill never tell you and theres is no way in hell you could ever find out!

What's the story with Judas's fez hat?

phil fish murdered my mother, so i put a hat on something

Hello. Are there any game genres you're sure you'll never design games for? You've made platformers, puzzle games, rogue-like dungeon crawlers, and have plans to release Mew-genics, a hybrid of various genres. I'm curious if there's any design challenge you can't or refuse to overcome, especially when it comes to the type of games you create.

i wont ever make a sports game or adventure game (like kings quest)

is the human fireball ball of tar + the new flame item


I notice on your albums list you didn't include a Pavement album.

crooked rain would be in my top 20

Why your favorite character is Steven?

because hes black

Has anybody ever told you that you look like Elijah Wood with a beard? Also, even though wiggle worm is going to be a trinket, does it still increase your fire rate slightly? Hope you have a good day!

ive heard “fat elijiah wood” at ton of times