This week we will be spoiling another new item, this time it comes in the form of a usable item found exclusively in stores… the Jar.


The Jar is a new item that really sticks out for me due to how unique it actually is. it essentially acts as 4 empty container hearts for you to fill up and…


Going Into The Unknown Depths Below
I did a drawing! Fanart of Binding Of Isaac. I love that game.


Going Into The Unknown Depths Below

I did a drawing! Fanart of Binding Of Isaac. I love that game.

Have there ever been any thoughts of adding items based around Isaac trying to smoke or drink? It could tie into the theme of child neglect well. Both could have visual deformities based on the long term effects. For example, cigarettes (the item could be called Pack A Day) could have a hole in his throat, or have him hacking up phlegm, and alcohol (maybe called Mom's Drink) could have jaundicing or stunted growth from fetal alcohol syndrome.

i just dont feel like those things fit into the world of isaac, its hard to explain the humor and theme when it comes to items.. because there are a lot of drug references in isaac, but smoking and drinking just dont feel funny or fitting to me at all… pills and needles yes, cigs and alcohol no. 

Hi edmund, if you can't or don't want to answer this question because itmight ruin some of the games magic or just don't know i understand. But if p2 takes red heart dmg ang gives that empty heart back to p1, will that count towards the devil room not spawning?

yes, if p2 takes damage it means you have taken damage

Did anything happen to the iOS idea for rebirth? Did the mock ups controls suck? I'd play the shit out of it on the go...

we havent tested it yet

How will the arcade be made less time consuming?

the machines might jam!

Will Rebirth have keyboard support on the PS4? Don't particularly want to have to learn how to controller.

you will need to learn how to controller if you wanna play it on console 

How the hell am I supposed to believe Isaac can empty his pockets, if he's not even wearing pants?

ill change the wording to “pocket”

Have you seen this new game on steam that looks a lot similar to Binding of Isaac? I won't say any names but it claims to have some Smash-TV and Robotron elements? So, it looks 75% like BoI, looks like a flash game, and the trailer song even has the same "theme" as Isaac, even unfitting as it is with the rest of the game... Pardon but that looks like a cheap rip-off for me

ah.. i just watched the trailer on steam. 

i gotta stay stuff like this doesnt bother me at all.. what bothers me is when people purposely avoid naming inspiration for whatever reason… saying it was inspired by smash tv and robotron and not mentioning isaac is the only thing that makes it feel seedy and yucky to me.

Isaac was inspired by Spelunky, Smash tv and robotron, and uses the zelda template as its foundatiom.. i never try to hide my inspiration because as an artist i know we are nothing more than bit and pieces of the things that inspire us and i want to give credit where credit is due. 

Will we see a sale for The Binding of Isaac anytime in the near future? Or should I just put my money up my ass?

i fucked up and didnt add isaac to the summer sale… since i had a daily deal a few months ago i highly doubt it will get another sale before the release of rebirth but stranger things have happened.