Apr 22

theblueboo asked: I'm really liking all these new items, and I have a (somewhat) related question. Is the description of the item you've been showing us (the one that shows an image, says the visual, then the effect) actually ingame, or is it just how you're presenting the preview?

thats my “design doc” for rebirth. its what i send to the guys so they can make the items in game.

sewperjuju asked: Hey Ed, I'm sure this has been asked before, but when Rebirth is released will you also release the soundtrack? I've listened to all the new songs and so far I love em all. It would be great night driving music :)


slaterdies asked: The single tear power-up.... I'm 37 years old... and you showing that power-up made me feel like I was 15 years old reading about Zelda 3 in EGM. Thanks for creating the only games that take me on a trip to how I felt when I was kid, back when I was excited about games.


blufoot asked: The Ludivico Technique looks pretty cool, but how the heck would it work with like small planet or my reflection? Or at there just some tear effects you don't believe will ever stack?

when you let go of the keys the effect of both items mentioned takes effect.. not the greatest combo with it :)

jagotrondood asked: How does laser tears act with this? Can they synergies?

maybe you will see soon in gif form?

A new item has appeared in the basement! -


I bring you yet another new Tear type!

The Ludovico Technique!


in game it looks a little something like this



imagine this with a few tear effects on top… or with moms knife…

it takes some getting use to but once youve gotten the hang…

Apr 21

depressedastronaut asked: Give me some tips on how to control the fucking hype I have right now for rebirth?

clenched buttcheeks 

durdlebeach asked: Did you intend for spoon bender and beam tears to combo in the original BoI, but couldn't due to limitations in flash?


Apr 20

itsjuicestain asked: In mew-G will I be able to breed or get a cat that is just pure evil and will have to be left in solitary confinement or it will kill my other cats?


larrywessel asked: Please visit and like Larry Wessel's new Facebook Fan Page for "Eric and Shaye" his upcoming documentary about Eric Fournier and Shaye Saint John.

im a HUGE shaye fan, i hope the doc kicks ass