Aug 30

narcolepticrobot said: Will SMB:F be available on Window's phones or just I phones and Androids?

all of everything ever

warkgnall said: Did SMB: The Game turn into SMB:F or are they different or was SMB:TG never a thing or what?

yes, about 2 years ago we decided on a basic outline for a mobile smb game called super meat boy the game, then we put the idea on hold to do mew instead.

smbf uses the art style of smbtg and some of the design we had experimented with.. but we really had nothing at all back then, the screens i posted were just art mockups nothing was actually playable. 

throwawayac said: Did you take any inspiration from Bit. Trip Runner 2 for SMBF? They're both runners that seem to have a bit more depth to them than your average iOS temple run clone.

of course, we do a lot differently though. im a big fan of bit trip and other auto runners. 

the games design actually comes very specifically from this level in the cotton ally that forced the player to constantly run one direction


it was one of my favorite levels in the game due to how simple it was and how good it felt to beat.

that level was actually inspired by this level in mario 2.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ox8veftvmQ#t=82 (4-2)

that level was one of my favorite moments in video games because it felt so difficult but doable, i felt like a champ when i did it because it looked like i had reflexes of awesome! 

we played around with a lot when mulling over if it was even possible to make an smb game with only a few buttons, but i think we totally nailed it. it will be easily compared to other games at 1st glance, but when you actually dig into how deep and precise the controls are coupled with the random generation of the level structure it will feel pretty unique. 

but yes as far as runners go bit trip goes deep with its story/bosses/progression and thats def something we want to do with smbf

omraya said: what are the chances you will make the SMBF PAX build available to all and not just PAX goers? after all, you said: "you really need to play it to understand why we are so excited about this one", and I do really want to! so come on, let everyone have access to it, not just a few lucky people. do what devs usually don't ever do, and release it. that's my plea.

im sure we will be demoing it at another con or 2 before its release, but its not smart to release a beta demo to the public that the world can play before you release the game.. but yeah. 

most will just need to wait till we release it (just like the origonal game) 

smbsucks said: Is there any reason I shouldn't buy SMB:F for PC? Are the controls unsuited for PC/gamepad? Is the resolution going to be small?

the game is just as fun on pc, i currently just use the keyboard to play it and dev for it. the rez is very high, its all vectors so it can fit any rez at any setting. also the pc version will look a bit better 

Aug 29

Super Meat Boy: Forever, Fact Sheet.

SMB:F is a totally new touch based super meat boy game for Phones, Tablets and Steam made by Myself and Tommy Refenes.

 Our goal with SMB:F is to design a new full length platformer for touch devices from the ground up to avoid tacking bad controls on an existing design. we want to make something that embodies the original Super Meat Boy but is designed around a simple yet intuitive control scheme allowing for pin point accuracy and surprisingly deep controls without the use of multiple buttons/analog sticks. 


- SMB:F will release sometime next year for phones, tablets and steam. (possibly others but this is all we have set in stone right now)

- SMB:F will feature a full story, 6 chapters, and double the bosses the original game featured. 

- SMB:F is not an endless runner, but will feature an endless mode with online high scores and daily runs. 

- SMB:F will feature a full fledged dark world featuring dark warp zones, bosses, new playable indie game characters and more.

- SMB:F will feature a vast randomly generated level structure that ensures a totally new play experience with each death.

- SMB:F is only 2 months into development, but as you can see things are moving pretty fast.


- SMB:F is not a simple endless runner

- SMB:F will not use abusive $ tactics to drain your wallet and cheapen the game experience

- SMB:F is not a port of super meat boy

- SMB:F is not a one button game

- SMB:F is not exclusive to phones/touch screens

Other info:

- Mewgenics is not canceled, we just put it on hold to work full time on this one. once SMB:F is released we will hop back on it. 

- A Voyeur for September is not a new game, it was just a code name (and anagram) for Super Meat Boy Forever that tommy made up on the spot a day before pax needed a name for the game we were showing (he wanted it to be a surprise)

here are some screen shots and gifs!







For those of you at pax, be sure to check out the Team Meat booth (part of the indie mega booth) and go hands on with the game, you really need to play it to understand why we are so excited about this one.

it could easily be my best design to date, im loving all over this one. 

edmundmcmuffinman said: why do you keep announcing new games and putting them on hold? Are we ever going to see a new game from you guys or are you gunna keep getting side tracked with new ideas? I'm tired of waiting!!!

just wait till tomorrow!

Aug 28

anongamer10000000 said: remember when you said you doubted people would try to clone Mew genics? Not saying it's exactly the same thing or a clone, but some of the features for a game called 'Domestic Dog' sound eerily similar to mew genics.

well the basis for games like these have been around for ages, but mewgenics is very unique in how it plays what it does/says/is. but it will be a while before people see that :)

Aug 27

merkaba48 said: how much of your drawing nowadays is doodling vs drawing something in particular? do you find doodling plays a part in your game making process?

i dont draw much at all anymore :| i only draw for what im working at this point and sketch/doodle design ideas when i have them. 

but when it does come to design i always sketch out my ideas on paper 1st, i have literally 100s of pages of design ideas in stacks next to me.. they dont look pretty though :)

dongalator said: I was reading The Animators Survival Guide, when the author mentioned that he was told not to listen to music when animating. Do you think this is necessary? Do you think you animate better when in silence or with music?

i think that guys just an old grumpy man who doesnt like music. FUCK HIM! do whatever works for you.