Sep 19

forkinator said: Do you prefer the original Spelunky or the HD remake?

theres no way i can go back t o the original, the remake is just better overall 

freezenification said: Have you/Danielle ever considered licensing/making Isaac or Meat Boy mugs to sell? I love mugs.

tommy does smb and mew mugs in his store, im not super keen on mugs really

lonelytimelord1 said: Are there any books you would recommend for learning about level design, specifically for a platformer? Or any games which have particularly inspired your level design in the past? :)

study mario, all of them. they have some of the best level design of any games. youll learn more of them than any book can explain

hastur-the-unnamable said: Has Phil Fish ever talked shit about you/your game like he does with everything?

i have no idea, its my personal goal to stay as low drama as possible, i dont go searching out who does and doesnt like me or my work :)

cha0zix said: Saying you aren't gonna work with Danny B anymore, is Ridiculon doing the soundtracks for your further games?

they are set to do the soundtracks for rebirth mewgenics and the new super meat boy, but i always have based my soundtracks around the appropriate musician, hence why tyler did the aether soundtrack, justin did the time fcuk soundtrack, kaada did the coil soundtrack, etc.

Ridiculon have a great range, are fun to work with, low drama and humble guys who have been working in the music industry most of their lives as touring musicians. so far they have been able to do basicly anything we have asked of them, but i want to keep my options open and go with what feels best for each game specificly. 

houseofgravy said: Will hard mode be an option you can choose at the beginning of a run, or something tied to a save file?

you can choose it when you start a run

materile9 said: Do you think you will work with Danny B in some future projects?


iceybeard said: will Sloth look any different in Rebirth? I always thought he just looked like a green version of a Globin

yeah thats the joke… 

Sep 18

brokencrowning said: Will the release date trailer's song that plays (the jesus one) be in the soundtrack?


bluebloodvoodoo said: Was there any sort of social backlash for putting a spin on christianity in BOI?