Apr 16

therealdrwobbuffet asked: I just saw George Fan's spoiler video on the Mtg YouTube, are you going to do a similar video for your card?

its possible :)

chasestorm asked: What do you do in your free time? Ya know like not making games and stuff

i draft mtg on fridays, usually draft cube and other group games (cards against humanity, times up, telestrations, etc) after. 

D and i watch a lot of “bad” movies and i collect lots of random shit…

we also take out our niece and nephiews on adventures wednedays! (tomorrow!!)

somethingcoolandoriginal asked: So is Mewgenics basically AVGM 2.0?

avgm 5.9

krysto-n-stuff asked: Wow, you're getting to design a Magic: the Gathering card? That's freaking awesome. Are you allowed to reveal anything yet?

not yet, you will know when i can :) 

brokencrowning asked: I was over at the pax booth for Mewgenics and I was wondering if mew would run with that much FPS on most computers?

tommy is super anal about stuff running well on even lower end pcs, the game runs amazing even with tons of cats on screen… so yes?

shittyironicmusic asked: Will you be able to 100 percent Rebirth without having to touch hardmode? I know that's pussy of me, but I always have aneurysms whenever I don't do something on the hardest difficulty to get "max cred." It feels like a waste if I don't, I suppose.

youll be able to golden god, but not platinum god

gargongus asked: have you ever tried to suck your own dick before? (seriously)

who hasnt?

aduleten asked: How do you buy package box when you have like 600 or more awesome tarots cards to sell? I dont know any kind of way to buy that much package box at once in order to send that much stuff... how do you manage to do it the most efficient way?

i half understand what you are asking.. and the answer is danielle is magic

thedukeofpoops asked: When do you think the Judas figures will be available for purchase?

next week.. i think

dolemis asked: Holy shit dude! I just litsened to the track ''Duress'' (My favourite track) backwards! Its even more fucked up than the original one! Is it suppost to be played backwards?

now i need to listen to it backwards :)

the cool thing about the music in rebirth is there will be a few items that warm how things sound… and a lot of the tracks sound amazing when they are slowed down or sped up :)