Sep 02

thesugoiverse said: Who will be doing the music for SMBF?

oh youll see… (or hear) very soon!

mylittletotodile said: Dear Edmund, I have been saving 10$'s in my Steam wallet for over a month missing out on some cool deals waiting for Rebirth. Can you tell me if I will have to resist the urge to spend it for not much longer. Like will I be able to preorder rebirth this month or next month?

hold on to that 10$ for a bit longer! youre almost there

samjordan19 said: Hey, I am a big fan of the original SMB, just curious as to what made you change the art style? I like the new theme just as much and really looking forward to seeing more of the game! :D

if you make something more cute you can get away with a much darker and gory theme/visuals.

also i was more a fan of how the cut scenes looked than the ingame stuff, so smbf will be a mix of both. 

neakta said: Hey ! Will you release rebirth in a beta phase ?


princessgorgon said: is it still possible to get Isaac tarot decks? The store's still down and I'm unbelievably interested in acquiring one.

yes, we have around 100 left but are in the process of moving. the last of the tarot cards will go up in about 4-6 weeks

Sep 01

fatsharkal said: Hey Ed, September 28th mean anything to you?


swingvital said: Hey Ed, I want to make a Cube and really have no clue how to go about it. Any tips for a first time cube builder?

google “cube drafting”

psychotropicdreamer said: Marry. Bang. Kill; Phil Fish, John Blow, and Tyrone

id have sex with tyrone, marry jon and kill phil (though he’d probably beat me to it)

xfrostec said: You have said that tomorrow's update is not going to be the trailer, but how far are you guys on the trailer?

its done just waiting on approval to release it :)

raccoonbleu said: do you already have most of the levels/worlds/warpzones of SMBF designed on paper?

no i dont like to jump ahead of myself i design by the chapter im currently on. also ilike to improvise as much as possible