will rebirth feature iron sights?

no but it will feature iron shites 

Should the shop be open again tomorrow? I have some cash with your name on it...

shop wont be open till we are fully moved int our new house, it might take a while.

Are you HYPED for smash bros?

kinda sorta yes

Whats your current desktop background?


Are Team Fortress items still in the lists? I love you

yes i wanted to announce it monday but stuff happened… 

will you be doing anymore interviews with northernlion before rebirth comes out? :)


What's your favorite food?

pizza, drink= peach snapple ice tea

Out of all the items in Rebirth, how many would you estimate to be straight stat upgrades (tears/health/etc.), compared to items with unique effects (tiny planet/brimstone/etc.)?

i think there are 8 stat upgrades in rebirth

Will there still be a special item pool? I thought you said there are so many items now that you wouldn't need it anymore?

yes there is a very specific special item pool, but it doesnt work the same as last time

Is there any connection between BoI and Pink Floyd: The Wall (Album/film)?

yeah if you play the wall along side Boi just as mom looks up to god, the album will sync up to your gameplay session to the end!