Hey :) Will you be able to get new fortunes from the fortune teller machines in Rebirth?

yea… i gotta write those

What determines what moves a cat has? Are they random or do you teach them?

their stats effect what moves they CAN aquire.. like a fat cat can learn fat cat moves. all basic moves will be randomly aquired at birth, but all the advanced or special moves can only be acquired by feeding your cat specific things you buy from butch… these things are usually pieces of other animals or cats… 

What drawing tablet do you use? Is there one you can recommend?

not a wireless one, ive had issues with lag… anything else is highly reccomended… just use what works :)

Hey Ed! 2 questions...What games, that you haven't worked on, would you recommend to your fans and are the Judas figures in the shop limited time or will they be restocked?

magic the gathering and we will eventually restock judas figures a few months after selling out

So were getting a buttload of new items, in addition to all the classics. how many are going to be unlocked from the total at the start?

no new classes with be unlocked from the start but some will be unlocked sooner than the older characters

Just finished watching the Indie Game Movie.. and i was wondering how do you feel about Phil Fish?

with my hands

In Mewgenics, will you be able to expand your house?

big time

Do you ever live stream on Twitch?

my wife does randomly and im usually there with her

Is there going to be a beta for rebirth and mewgenics?

there is for me, but not for you

How is the feature creep currently in Mew-Genics?

we have finally stopped the feature creep! the foundation of every big element of the game is set in stone and we are just filling each part up with more content.