don't you feel that isaac's controls are kinda sloopy ? I mean it didn't feel as sharp as meat boy's controls. did you whant it or it is just because tommy didn't work on the game ? (excuse my french)

i sure they could be a bit tighter, but i think they worked out pretty well. 

Why is BoI only $5? I feel like it's worth a lot more. Is it because you didn't anticipate it doing so well?


Hey duud. I tried searching for Danielle's twitch and I found your post redirecting to the account danielleorama but it says that the channel has been closed! :( Can you please share her new one?

no, keep diggig youll find it!

Is it possible for Rebirth to be out before the end of May?

what the fuck is wrong with you people… why would i not announce a release date for a game coming out in a month? why wouldnt SONY announce it… you will know the games release date when its getting closer to its release. 

What are your thoughts/opinions on the cancellation of FEZ II and have you had any contact with Phil Fish since?

ive talked to phil a few times since then and as far as my thought on whatever went down back then… the idea people have of phil and who phil actually is are 2 different things.. in fact the same goes for myself tommy and most anyone else who has a public persona.

not saying the people are playing roles or acting, but the public interpenetration of all of us is quite different than the people we actually are… most of what people think they see is an illission based on the opinions of others.  

So with all the references to your other games in the BoI, should we then assume that they Isaac exists in the same universe as Meat Boy and Steven and all of them, or did he just play a bunch of your games and they turned into nightmare food?

they all exist in the same universe known as my brains

Who exactly were Photos and Zing in your original TCFH zine?

photos and zing were my 1st comic characters i made up in middle school.. they were my most tame and lame ones :)

Have you heard about the balls of steel tournemeant? the one where the first goto sheol and then the chest in one round of racing? if so what are your thoughts on it? are there going to be any way besides seeded runs in which the play can race optimaly?

seeded runs will be the best way to do it

Was Binding of Isaac's comic gruesomeness an intention from the start, or was it a visual theme that just developed as you made the game (for example, through the mood you were in whilst drawing the characters)? The repulsive enemies, the bosses names (namely the ones after diseases), the fact the main character's weapon is his tears, where did the ideas start? (huge fan by the way, I find it amazing that one of my favourite games ever was a game that was made to fail by its creator!)

if you look through my old work you will see a theme that is very up front and center in isaac.. so yes it was all planned from the start.. but mostly because its simply my style

Whenever you meet up with Ed, do you hug or shake hands or high-five or what? :)


We dock.