Have you played Thomas was Alone with Mike's commentary? I thought it was a really neat addition, and thought it would be really cool to hear in your games. I realize Isaac might not be the best fit, unless you did it for bosses and just some items or something, but maybe when you revisit aether you could do something similar.

i gotta see how peopel do that.. i just dont think it works for nonlinier games too well.

i did commentary tracks in the basement collection.. that might be as good as i can do. 

The other Rebirth trailer got removed from Steam too, it would seem. You're really racking up the points here, aren't you? xD

i took that one down for other reasons… :|

Will you leak more songs before the release?

maybe one more fast track so people can see how uptempo and catchy the boss fights are

Do you have the lyrics for Endless hymn ? I'd like to know what it means...

ask matthias

will the rebirth soundtrack include the song(s) used in the release date trailer?

of course :) the fast song that plays is a tiny part of the new satan fight track. 

Oh hey I've been wondering this for awhile now. The Chest and it's contents (tons of items and bosses) really reminds me of some obscure bug involving the shovel, a really early alpha of the original Isaac and digging "past" the womb into glitchworld... any relation? I mean a level filled with bosses seems sensible anyways, but I can't help but to remember that.

i dont even remember thta bug :|

I just bought a black light and finished looking at all of your tarot cards under it Found nothing, now I feel dumb. :( Were you just messing with us about the tarot card secret? And if not, am I even on the right track?

i dont believe anyone has found it yet.. with good reason.. 

where can i buy the fingerhands from your stream? i want to go stroke people's beards

D got them for me at palace arts she also got the giant hand there randomly today 

The Flash filter for Rebirth is actually kinda ugly.

yeah so is the old game ;)

Hey man! Will the Ridiculon soundtrack sound that good in game, or did you have to compress the audio for filesize considerations? Because it sounds fucking great.

yes it will