Would you consider the show "veggie tales" to be brainwashing?

everything is brainwashing to some degree 

Question about the shop, you said it will upgrade as you give coins in donation, the thing is that I think you will upgrade it way to quickly, if you save some money on items and donate it instead you will quickly fill it up to 999 which I guess is max. Is it going to be different to my speculations?

its not at all as easy as you think to fill it to 999 and the donation machine has a change of jamming for the whole run as well.. it takes a long time t odo 

With the last question, I think he means that the lump of coal powers up a tear the longer it's "existed", right? Since the Ludovico tear apparently "exists" forever, moving around, does that mean it can just endlessly power up? Also, how will tears and range affect Ludovico?

the actual idea behind the lump of coal was the further away from you the tear went the larger it would become, this is how it works now and how it effects ludo

How is Lump of Coal going to affect Ludovico Technique? Is it just going to get more damage the longer you're in a room?

its going to work how its suposed to

Now that the use items are no longer on the 6 block recharge grid how does the 9-Volt and battery work with the use items in rebirth ?

youll see

Will it be possible to knock characters out of the random button pool?

that wouldnt be too random then would it? why dont you just play with the characters you want?

What are you guys doing in rebirth now? Last week or so you were working on different difficulties.

play testing, bug fixing and tons of tweaking. other minor graphic updates and additions.

cut scenes are still being made and need to be scored but thats about it. 

Have you ever wanted to create a realistic game instead of what you do now?

if i had id be making it instead :)

I just watched 2 of your interviews and I have to say U are a true inspiration, esp. as a designer. 2 questions - would U ever consider using an engine such as Unity for prototyping and where online should I, as a coder/designer, look for visual artists for partnership? (I live in a smallish European country, hence the online part.)Thank you and I'm sorry about Guppy ):

yes, id use anything to prototype game maker is another easy to use tool to do stuff like this as well.

as far as artist im not sure, stuff has changed greatly since back when i started. but just look for a game dev community that you like/fit into and im sure you will make a few freinds who might be able to do the art.

your best option imo is to just design an abstract game that doesnt require good or any art in it and just do it yourself.

Does Spoonbender/Psy tears affect Ludovico technique at all? It'd be neat if it added a bit of a "drag" to the tear so that it's easier to hit things.

of course