What are the controls in SMBF ? On a very short video it looks like if you tap on the right side of the screen Meat Boy jumps, and if you tap on the left side he ducks. Am I right ? Will there be anything else ? (I like phone/tablet games that only have 1 or 2 movements)

there is  alot more to it, but we only showed the very early levels of the game and just a taste of what we were going for. but we keep it simple.. youll see in time. 

Do i have to play coop to unlock everything?


Can you change your horizontal direction in smb:f without wall jumping?

nope, unless i change it for you or something else does

Question. Does Peep have 4 arms or 2arms+2legs? This looks so weird.

im not sure

I was super excited for this "live action stealth game" or whatever it was you billed A Voyeur for September as. I'm happy for SMB fans, but any chance you're still working on a live action stealth game?

what is wrong with you people!?

Considering that you and Tyrone have been saying that rebirth is in it's final stages, do you have a more refined (as in other than 2014) release date for rebirth?

oh yeah, we have known the release date for a few weeks now but want to announce it and start taking preorders.. in order to do that we need a few things to line up and the trailer to be ready to roll. 

Super meat boy forever is cool and all, but please tell us you haven't put Isaac on hold, or production is slowing due to SMBF

dev of smbf doesnt at all effect isaac dev what so ever. isaac is coming out this year, its basicly done now we are in the final stages of dev. 

Will SMB:F be available on Window's phones or just I phones and Androids?

all of everything ever

Did SMB: The Game turn into SMB:F or are they different or was SMB:TG never a thing or what?

yes, about 2 years ago we decided on a basic outline for a mobile smb game called super meat boy the game, then we put the idea on hold to do mew instead.

smbf uses the art style of smbtg and some of the design we had experimented with.. but we really had nothing at all back then, the screens i posted were just art mockups nothing was actually playable. 

Did you take any inspiration from Bit. Trip Runner 2 for SMBF? They're both runners that seem to have a bit more depth to them than your average iOS temple run clone.

of course, we do a lot differently though. im a big fan of bit trip and other auto runners. 

the games design actually comes very specifically from this level in the cotton ally that forced the player to constantly run one direction


it was one of my favorite levels in the game due to how simple it was and how good it felt to beat.

that level was actually inspired by this level in mario 2.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ox8veftvmQ#t=82 (4-2)

that level was one of my favorite moments in video games because it felt so difficult but doable, i felt like a champ when i did it because it looked like i had reflexes of awesome! 

we played around with a lot when mulling over if it was even possible to make an smb game with only a few buttons, but i think we totally nailed it. it will be easily compared to other games at 1st glance, but when you actually dig into how deep and precise the controls are coupled with the random generation of the level structure it will feel pretty unique. 

but yes as far as runners go bit trip goes deep with its story/bosses/progression and thats def something we want to do with smbf