How successful was it when Super Met Boy and Binding of Isaac were in Humble Bundles? Are they something you would consider doing again for your other games?

not as successful as many would think. 

since bundles all share the % evenly and our SMB bundle was with 7 games the split was small. 

larger name games usually do HIBs after a year to get a final boost in sales after things drop off, and to help other indies and give to charity. its more of a tradition at this point than something that will rake in extra cash, i was one of the 5 initial devs that donated their games to the 1st experimental HIB way back when (with Gish), so i try to put my work in it when i can.

for small or med popularity games HIBs are a pretty great way to get your games to a ton of people and usually get more money than your game is making currently. but sadly stats have shown a large dip in sales for the year both SMB and Isaac were in HIBs that actually raised higher a great deal the years following.

either way i do think its something i will consider doing in the future, but im honestly not sure if these kind of mega sales help or hurt more.. i have a feeling we are painting ourselves into a corner.  

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