Binding of Isaac retro remake: THE RESULTS ARE IN!

So the results of the poll are in, but honestly they were pretty clear from the start.

currently 13,976 people took the poll.
1. How do you feel about rebirth being remade in a pixel based style?

I liked it! = 37.5%
Its ok = 14.6%
Im fine either way = 17.4%
Not sure about it = 21.1%
i hate it! = 9.5%

Obviously most of you really liked the idea of a retro remake, and quite a few didnt care.
less than 10% hated it and the 20% who werent sure i think will be on board once we nail down the final look.

2. What styles did you like most out of the 4 images.

this one was close but most of you liked 1 and 4 the most, so gba or snes style pixels but wanted the games colors and tone to look more like the original game.

3. how many hours of play time do you have clocked into the game currently?

1. 1-5 hours = 8.5%
2. 5-20 hours = 17.8%
3. 21-50 hours = 29.4%
4. 100+ hours = 30.6%
5. 200+ hours = 13.7%

this was a fun one to see, a very odd ramp up in terms of play time with a 1/3rd of people who took the poll having clocked in over 100 hours into the game.
knowing this the goal with the remake will be to really push extended play time for new and experienced players, i know how to do this and for those who want it
i can gladly offer 100 more hours.

4. what platforms would you most want to see rebirth released on?

1. PC = 83.5%
2. Ipad = 17.2%
3.Vita = 20.8%
4. Ps3 = 28.0%
5. Xbla = 30.4
6. WiiU = 24.6%
7. 3ds 34.4%

well obviously the games releasing on pc/steam thats a for sure thing, and sony is 100% on board with isaac for both vita and Ps3. like a lot of you i also NEED to play isaac on a 3ds, its my ideal platform for it and we are doing what we can to try and make this work with nintendo. i think the new look will help a lot (as well as current sales numbers) and we will for sure try again once we have a build to show them.

5. what dream feature would you want added to the remake?

9,000 of you submitted responses.. a lot were amazing suggestions like “Guns” and  ”Boobs” but there were quite a few repeats of solid suggestions and here are a few of the best.

1. The ability to save and return to a play session.

this is something we wanted to do in the flash version but couldn’t due to limitations, this will def. be a feature in the remake.

2. The ability to take a screen cap of your final isaac after a run.

this is also something we tried to add to the flash version but couldnt and something we all want to do in the remake.

3. Co-op

like we mentioned in the announcement post, we are working on local co-op for the remake, how we will do this is still in the works but i really want to support single screen drop in 2 player co-op in some way to the game for sure.

4. more content

Yes, like i mentioned in the post, the remake will feature A LOT of new content that players will see and interact with from the start of the game to the end (the new final final end). we are going to pack this thing full of all the stuff we couldnt do as well as a ton of secrets that should stay buried for a while… the game will also feature 2 new characters, and with each character comes a new set of items each one unlocks by beating the now 5 final bosses.

So yes, that worked out well and im happy to announce that i am on the same page as most of you, i like the idea of a retro look but want it to stay true to the original.

here are the latest mockups with that feedback in mind. remember these are mockups so ignore the hud and all that, this is just done to get a good idea of what the in game art should look like. 




Now i know change is hard, but i want that 10% of you to remember that this is much more my baby than it is yours and i wouldnt let anything i felt would ruin the game happen. i really like the direction the graphics are heading, and i think with time Rebirth will look and feel like a totally new game but still stay true to what made isaac special.

Having both art styles ISNT AN OPTION! there is going to be a lot of new content and i dont have the time to make tons of new art and animation while working on Mew-Genics and the new Super Meat Boy, trust me, youll forget allll about your issues with the graphics once you play the game late next year (we hope)

more updates as they unfold!

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