Something new has appeared in the basement!!

The past week has brought in some pretty amazing additions to the collection, Tyler has gone all out and added a ton of updates to all the older games.

First is that ALL game in the collection will feature achievements, this will also be tracked by the collection itself and things will be awarded and unlocked when all games are beaten as well as when the collection is 100%ed :).

There is a new secret game!… but its a secret…

An additional soundtrack by Danny B has been added to Aether.

a FULL 33 level 2nd chapter has been added to Time Fcuk. this chapter comes with its own new story and ending and is quite difficult. Time Fcuk has also been updated with a more in depth level editor that will allow you to share level codes.

Meat boy has been updated with improved controls (no where close to SMB, but still a lot better than before).

Triachnid’s controls have been updated and tuned a lot, the use of Air allowed us to also use the right mouse button! 

there have been a lot of other small tweaks and updates to each game, but the biggest new addition is actually a gift from the team that brought you Indie Game: The Movie.

The Basement collection will feature over 10 minutes of stock footage of me talking in depth about Coil, Triachnid, Aether and one of the secret games… this footage has never before been seen and its a pretty damn nice addition to the collection.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the menu system (thats a lot more in depth than you might expect) and connecting all the steam functionality. i should have a release date ready to announce by early next week.

for those of you who are out of the loop, here is what the collection features.

Time Fcuk (with exclusive bonus chapter + music and updated level editor)

Aether (with exclusive additions, graphics/physics/control updates + new soundtrack)

Spewer (with an exclusive bonus chapter, improved physics/controls/level tweaks)

Meat Boy (with improved controls )

Triachnid (with improved controls ) 

Grey Matter 


Secret game 1 (with additional game play, art and soundtrack )

Secret game 2

all games will feature steam achievements!

on top of all those games, the collection will also feature

- 7 large unlockable extras (these are honestly substantial extras)

-over 30 pages of never before sceen sketches and development documents

-over 6 playable beta and tech demos

- over 16 minutes of video, including 10 minutes of never before sceen stock footage from indie game the movie.

- audio commentary for Time Fcuk and Aether.

- and many other bells and wistles.

and if that wasnt enough, the collection will also feature a very large digital soundtrack and over 10 very impressive fan remixes.

The Basement collection will sell for 4$ on Steam… ill get that release date to everyone shortly!

We made this one for the fans, hope you like it :)

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